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You can’t protect what you can’t see. Security and risk teams still struggle to maintain a full picture of their environment—despite continuously investing in cybersecurity.

To close the gap between the offense and defense, organizations must eliminate siloed, tool-centric approaches to cyber asset and vulnerability management. Teams must instead prioritize actionable insights that highlight critical issues and accelerate resolution.

That’s where Noetic comes in. The revolutionary Noetic Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management platform empowers users to see, understand, act, and improve their security posture—all within a central source of unparalleled asset intelligence.

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Improve, Continuously.

Noetic seamlessly integrates with existing data sources including security tools, CMDBs and spreadsheets, empowering teams to:

  • Maintain a 360º view of all assets and their cyber relationships across cloud and on-premises
  • Minimize the attack surface by identifying shadow IT, orphaned machines, outdated software, non-compliant controls and more
  • Streamline incident response by identifying and prioritizing high-risk vulnerabilities according to criticality
  • Eliminate manual efforts and non-compliance by automating time-consuming reports and evidence collection for GRC
  • Improve cross-team collaboration with automated triage across security, DevOps and IT functions

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