A Q&A with Noetic Investors: Why Noetic?

Noetic was founded a year ago to transform how organizations manage their security posture. We believe in big ideas that make a big impact. We believe in empowering people with the opportunity to make a difference. Above all, we believe that together we can do the impossible.

Because we didn’t seek to create your typical security company, we knew we weren’t looking for any traditional venture capital firm. To be successful, we needed the help of investors who understood our mission, and believed that we could disrupt the industry enough to spark a real change in how organizations visualize and understand their cyber risk.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what we found in our investors at Ten Eleven Ventures, Glasswing Ventures, and Energy Impact Partners. Check out what they had to say about investing in the Noetic team.

Q: Why do you believe in Noetic?

Mark Hatfield, Founder & General Partner at Ten Eleven Ventures
“I believe in Noetic because they’ve pulled together a world class team at all levels and in all functions to solve one of the largest cybersecurity challenges out there.”

Shawn Cherian, Partner at Energy Impact Partners
“I believe in Noetic because of the incredible team that’s transforming the asset management paradigm across the enterprise.”

Rick Grinnell, Founder and Managing Partner at Glasswing Ventures
“Noetic has the most experienced and successful team in the security industry targeting this problem.  No one else is even close!”

Alan Kessler, Independent Board Member at Noetic Cyber
“The solution targets a clear and present need. I believe in Noetic because I believe in the team.  The team has a track record of accomplishments that speaks for itself—willing to take risks, and not afraid to fail forward.”

Q. What is it about Noetic that makes it unique?

“The experience of the team in the focus domain,  track record of prior success, customer-centric values, ability to engage and learn quickly,  the industry network of the team, having a unique global perspective (US, EMEA).  They’re not your typical silicon valley security startup.”
– Alan Kessler

“Noetic is unique in the size and scope of the problem they are trying to solve. The company’s mission is to give security leaders an unparalleled ability to see complex cyber relationships across the cloud and on-premises. It’s a level of context and insights that no one else can provide.”
– Mark Hatfield

“What makes Noetic unique is the powerful combination of extraordinary technology, incredible people, and an entrepreneurial culture.”
– Shawn Cherian

“The power, scale and complexity under the hood presented in a very usable and digestible format.”
– Rick Grinnell

Q.  If I could pick one work to describe Noetic, it would be:

Alan Kessler

Rick Grinnell

Shawn Cherian

Mark Hatfield

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