Job Opening

Sr Data Scientist

Job Description

The Company
Noetic Cyber is a new venture-funded startup aimed at disrupting the cybersecurity market. Funded by some of the premier investors in cybersecurity, we are targeting an aspect of the cybersecurity problem space which is under-serviced and ripe for disruption. Noetic is founded by 3 successful serial cybersecurity entrepreneurs with over 75 years of experience involving 9 successful startups, including 2 IPOs. This is a truly unique opportunity to join an early stage startup destined for great things and have a big impact on the cybersecurity industry.

The Opportunity
Noetic is looking for a dynamic, seasoned data scientist with a proven track record of creating awesome enterprise software. In addition to exceptional knowledge and skills in data sciences, you will be counted upon to be a self-motivated, independent and critical thinker who demonstrates sound judgements when it comes technology and architectural decisions. You will be part of the small, but growing, founding team, working collaboratively with a talented and passionate group of your peers.

More specifically, the Noetic platform collects information about technology assets from a wide range of information sources and then aggregates and correlates across those sources. It goes on to look for patterns, anomalies, and other insights in the dataset, specifically targeting cybersecurity scenarios. Your role will be to develop innovative approaches for processing, and extracting insights from, this dataset. If you meet the requirements of the position, and are passionate about what you do, then this is a rare opportunity to build an industry-changing product literally from the ground up.

Job Requirements
A successful candidate will need the following skills and characteristics;

  • The personality and attitude to work with a small team in a highly dynamic, interactive and collaborative environment
    Highly self-motivated with a drive to win
  • Proven track record, and ability to discuss a portfolio of work, demonstrating your individual contributions toward applying innovative data science techniques across large datasets to extract hidden insights
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or comparable field of study
  • 4+ years of experience in commercial application of data analytics, machine learning and AI
  • Experience in several relevant technologies and concepts such as Java, Python, graph databases (Neo4j, Janus, Arango, Grakn), data modeling/visualization, machine learning, cloud platforms such as AWS/Azure/Google
  • Familiarity with cybersecurity concepts