Noetic Cyber™ and Infoblox: How Network Infrastructure Information Can Unlock More Visibility in Your CAASM Platform

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Organizations face increasing challenges in maintaining a comprehensive and up-to-date cyber asset inventory. Doing so can take many organizations more than 80 hours to complete, each time—if they are even able to at all (Source: ESG Security Hygiene and Posture Management Report, 2023).

Having an asset inventory that also includes important and relevant context, such as network information, becomes critical to ensuring a strong security posture. Due to the complexity of network environments, achieving full visibility into assets that includes network data is not easy, however if it can be done, it greatly increases the comprehensiveness of your asset inventory. To address this, Noetic Cyber™ and Infoblox, a leader in network automation, offers a powerful integration to address these challenges and help security teams maintain a strong cybersecurity posture.

The Importance of Comprehensive Cyber Asset Visibility That Includes Networks

Many organizations struggle with maintaining accurate and complete visibility into their network infrastructure. Traditionally, asset management programs have focused too much on conventional endpoints and IT devices, leaving gaps in visibility as more layers are introduced.

Network data offers key insights into where an asset is, what it’s connected to, and more importantly, it provides valuable context about similar assets also connected to that network. For example, if security teams know one asset is compromised, chances are, those other assets also connected on the same network pose an elevated risk.

The integration between Noetic Cyber and Infoblox BloxOne provide security teams with comprehensive asset information that includes network visibility, including DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (IPAM) data. By consolidating network asset data with other asset intelligence, organizations can gain a unified view of their entire attack surface. This comprehensive visibility enables security teams to identify and address coverage gaps, misconfigurations, and potential vulnerabilities more effectively.

Strengthening Threat Detection and Response

Infoblox BloxOne leverages DNS traffic analysis and threat intelligence to detect and block malicious activities, such as domain generation algorithms (DGAs) and DNS tunneling. Integrating Infoblox BloxOne with Noetic Cyber allows organizations to correlate DNS threat data with asset information, providing security teams with valuable insights enriched with business context.

In addition, with this connector, incident response (IR) teams can focus their efforts according to the overall impact of security incidents, enabling faster and more targeted response actions. By integrating the capabilities of Noetic Cyber and Infoblox BloxOne, organizations can enhance their threat detection and response capabilities, minimizing the impact of security incidents on the network

Automating Remediation Workflows for Efficiency

Manual intervention in response to security events can be time-consuming and resource intensive. Infoblox BloxOne supports automated response actions, such as blocking malicious domains and IP addresses at the DNS level. When integrated with Noetic Cyber, organizations can automate remediation workflows based on threat intelligence and asset risk data from within the Noetic platform.

Noetic’s automation and workflow engine enable security teams to design precise workflows that react to posture weaknesses, coverage gaps, or concerning toxic combinations. Organizations can start with simple ticket creation and gradually evolve to rich autonomous remediation processes. By automating remediation workflows, organizations can minimize manual intervention, streamline response actions, and optimize resource allocation.

Ensuring Policy Enforcement and Compliance

Compliance with security policies and regulatory requirements is critical for organizations across industries. Infoblox BloxOne enforces network policies and controls DNS traffic to ensure compliance. When integrated with Noetic Cyber, organizations can correlate network policies with asset information, enabling them to identify and address compliance gaps across the attack surface.

The integration between Noetic Cyber and Infoblox BloxOne enhances policy enforcement efforts by providing a comprehensive understanding of the relationships between assets and their associated policies. This holistic approach enables organizations to demonstrate compliance with security standards and regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Take Control of Cyber Asset Management with Noetic Cyber and Infoblox

The integration between Noetic Cyber and Infoblox BloxOne empowers organizations to strengthen their network security defenses, improve threat detection and response capabilities, enforce compliance policies, and streamline security operations across the entire attack surface with a unified, up-to-date asset inventory that includes key network data. With the combination of comprehensive network visibility, automated remediation, and an industry-leading cyber asset & exposure management solution, security teams can take back control of their cybersecurity posture.

To learn more about how Noetic and Infoblox can help your organization enhance its defenses, request a demonstration of Noetic Cyber today.