Query & Analytics

Designed for simplicity, the Noetic platform enables users of all skill levels to extract actionable insights from complex data sets. All queries can be saved and automated, powering continuously updated dashboards and reports.

Data Insights

Immediately uncover critical, actionable insights.

The interface allows users to effortlessly explore and comprehend complex data sets without the need for specialized expertise. These ‘spreadsheet-like’, interactive tables enable users to quickly and easily identify common security coverage gaps and filter based on common asset fields such as type, operating system (OS), location and more.

Platform showing how to select a property and set parameters to filter results

Query Builder

Explore relationships between datasets.

The platform goes beyond mere filtering; it produces precise, purposeful, and actionable outputs to address critical questions, facilitating a deeper understanding of the connections between disparate sources. Noetic’s Query Builder enables analysts to build logical queries to uncover hidden patterns or dependencies that are crucial to informed security decision making.

Customized Cypher Queries

Mine your data for a spectrum of insights with custom searches.

Advanced users can access the full depth & breadth of Noetic’s powerful graph database through Cypher, our standards-based query language.

Company logos in a purple box being organized into categories using machine learning classifiers

Machine Learning Classifiers

Machine Learning Classifiers

The Noetic Platform also incorporates advanced elements like Machine Learning Classifiers to ensure consistency across diverse data sources and the ability to Save and Schedule common queries for automated execution, seamlessly integrating data analysis into operational workflows.