TAG Cyber Security Annual: A United Front Against Cyber Warfare

Tag Cyber Security Annual document cover

Global Cyberwar History, Trends, and Insights from the Experts including Paul Ayers, CEO

History repeats itself, and it’s not a matter of if–but when–cybercrime will strike again. While the adversary isn’t standing still–neither are we. One of the most experienced groups of cybersecurity talent came together for a special issue of the 2022 Tag Cyber Security Annual to reflect on lessons learned, predictions, and must-haves to successfully combat cyberwar.

What’s inside?

Download the full report for insights from the experts, including an interview with CEO Paul Ayers that answers all your burning questions on continuously managing cyber assets and controls across increasingly complex environments:

  • What is the issue with identification of assets and controls, and why is it so difficult?
  • Why is continuous and ongoing asset management critical?
  • What are the most common use cases for cybersecurity asset management?