Building for Noetic Cyber's continued success in 2023

Paul Ayers, CEO Noetic Cyber stands behind company logo

In early February, the entire Noetic Cyber team got together in Boston to celebrate the successes of our record-breaking year in 2022, and (more importantly) collaborated on how we can make 2023 even stronger. Every member of our team, from all over the globe, took part in 3 full days of immersive discussions that included executive visions, product roadmaps, partnership strategies, customer success, go-to-market approaches and much more.

Key Takeaways from the 2023 Noetic Cyber Kickoff

As I came away from the successful week, I thought I would share some of the key takeaways, as well as the strategic areas of focus that the whole company are aligned on as we aim to make 2023 our best year ever:

  • Our customers will continue to get unparalleled visibility of their asset landscape, and quickly drive considerable value in the insights Noetic is able to deliver.

    Our customers are critical to our success and are our driving force to continually improve. We wake up every day with the goal to ‘wow’ them with our level of service, as well as thinking about how we can help their security teams to transform their security data into actionable insights. This means clearly surfacing coverage gaps, un-prioritized vulnerabilities and control drift, amongst many other use cases. That visibility and data will help not only them with their day-to-day operational tasks, but also drive executive or board level discussions on wider security improvement and threat exposure initiatives.

    It was insightful for me personally to hear our customers share their Noetic journey with us at the company meeting. To learn first-hand from security leaders about their priorities, and the problems that Noetic helps them address was important for the whole Noetic team, and the fact that our customers are basing their 2023 cybersecurity strategy on the insights that only we can provide underlines the importance of our mission.
  • Noetic will continue to deliver an industry-leading platform that sets a high bar for performance, resiliency, and user experience.

    It was a pleasure watching our Product and Engineering leaders showcase the innovation delivered over the past 12 months for our award-winning CAASM platform, and also some exciting enhancements coming soon. In short, this year the team is putting a major emphasis on building a platform that continues to provide unique functionality to tackle some of the industry’s most difficult asset-centric use cases, while also ensuring the platform maintains a high bar for performance, stability and resiliency as we become a critical part of our customer’s threat exposure management programs. Our data science and action-oriented approach to CAASM provides our customers with insights they can’t get anywhere else, and also the ability to drive real change in their organizations.
  • Partnerships are critical to the ongoing development of our strategy.

    In 2022, we saw growing engagement with partners in both Europe and North America. Our long-term strategy has always been to go to market together with technology and channel partners, as we believe it is the best way to support our customers globally, so we’ve been delighted to start that process over the past 12 months. The MSSP community, in particular, has brought a new approach to solving customers’ cybersecurity challenges, and we’re learning a lot from these partnerships that is being incorporated into our technology roadmap and execution plans. We’re excited about extending and deepening our partner relationships in 2023.
  • 2023 will be the year that CAASM and Threat Exposure Management goes mainstream.

    There is no time like the present, and that appears to be exceptionally true for a company like ours, tackling the asset and exposure management challenge.  Gartner anticipates the number of organizations with ≥95% asset visibility will grow to 20% by 2026, which is up from less than 1% today, and we are seeing that first-hand every day. No matter the industry or company size, security teams are reaching out to us to have a conversation about helping them see, understand, and protect their assets, while optimizing their cybersecurity posture and resources. We are in a great position to help a lot of organizations in 2023.  
  • Noetic has a top-tier team ready to shake-up the security industry.

    In getting together with everyone in the Noetic family, it was clear that this is the team of people that is poised to make an impact in our industry. From the time we started Noetic, hiring the right people was our #1 goal. Not just those with the proper skills to do the job, but also those with the right attitude, growth-mindset, and people you’d want by your side when tackling big problems.
2023 Noetic Cyber team gathered in Boston for their annual kickoff event

It’s a considerable investment of resource and time for us to bring the whole team together, but we believe that the creativity and problem-solving that we generate more than makes up for it. I personally appreciated the chance to connect with colleagues from Ireland, Argentina, Europe and the United States to recap, plan, celebrate our successes and have some fun. We are already off to a tremendous start in 2023, and I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings for Noetic.

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