The Importance of Context in Attack Surface Management

A Q&A with Allen Rogers, Noetic Cyber and John Masserini, TAG Cyber

The Importance of Context in Attack Surface Management

Organizations continue to invest more time, money and resources on threat and vulnerability management year over year. However, a clear gap still exists between the efforts and effectiveness of today’s attack surface management (ASM) programs.

Allen Rogers, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Noetic Cyber sat down with industry expert John Masserini of TAG Cyber to discuss why organizations are missing the mark, as well as ways security and risk teams can evolve their approach to truly understand and reduce cyber risk.

Watch as they cover:

  • A new-and-improved way to define “assets” as they pertain to today’s threat landscape
  • The challenge of data siloes, and ways teams can automatically aggregate data outside of spreadsheets
  • Why relationships are a critical part of any ASM effort
  • How to better prioritize threat and vulnerability management efforts
  • Ways to communicate risk and validate vulnerability prioritization decisions to nontechnical stakeholders