Transparency: A New Era in Cybersecurity

A Q&A with Richard Horne (Pt II of III)

  1. How can organizations foster a culture of cyber transparency from the ground up?
  2. What innovative approaches have you seen organizations take to maintain transparency without compromising their security posture?

*This is an excerpt from Episode 2 of the Securing the Future series.
Listen to the full interview here.

Fostering a culture of cyber transparency extends far beyond mere compliance obligations. Across the board, from internal stakeholders to insurers and regulators, there is a clear and urgent demand for organizations to illuminate their security practices.

About Richard Horne

Richard Horne is a renowned cybersecurity expert and a valued member of the Noetic Cyber Advisory Board. With a wealth of experience, Richard collaborates closely with boards and executives of companies and governments worldwide. Richard is widely recognized as a thought leader and public speaker on cybersecurity strategy and leadership, sharing his expertise through various platforms to shape the future of cybersecurity practices globally.