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Transforming Attack Surface Management as a Keystone to Modern Security

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Today’s dynamic cyber environments require sophisticated management programs that address their associated complexities. Discover how organizations can address and overcome the struggles associated with attack surface management (ASM) in this Noetic-sponsored report by TAG Cyber.

Transforming Attack Surface Management, a TAG Cyber Report

While most security executives will tell you that some of their biggest fears center around nation-state actors and ransomware, the reality is the root of that fear is the unknown. The lack of visibility into what devices are running, where those devices are and which applications are in use in today’s enterprises marks a substantial risk that many overlook.

Begin transforming your attack surface management program with this special edition report by TAG Cyber.

At a Glance:

  • A summary of today’s most prominent cybersecurity challenges
  • Risks associated with insufficient ASM programs
  • Tips to implement a modern ASM strategy, including an overview of the Noetic platform
  • A suggested plan of action for security executives

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