How to improve your threat exposure management with Brad LaPorte

A guide to optimizing a organization’s cyber security posture and threat detection capabilities

To improve their threat detection and response capabilities, organizations are turning to cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) solutions to reduce their attack surface. These solutions provide a comprehensive and up-to-date asset inventory, as well as helping with vulnerability prioritization and remediation, ensuring control coverage efficacy and improving detection-and-response capabilities.

This new, preventative approach to cyber posture and hygiene improvement has been coined as continuous threat exposure management (CTEM) by Gartner. CTEM aims to provide a consistent, actionable security posture remediation and improvement plan which is understandable to executives and actionable for cyber security teams.

When it comes to the different concepts of CAASM, attack surface management (ASM), and CTEM, security leaders can be easily overwhelmed by their purpose and how they should take advantage of these emerging platforms.

Join this webinar with Gartner veteran Brad LaPorte and Noetic Cyber to see how you can get started in developing a CTEM program. LaPorte will explain the differences between the various security solutions available on the market and explore how organizations should deploy them.

Watch now to discover:

• What a CTEM program is and how it is different from attack surface management

• How a CAASM solution can provide the critical first step toward reducing your attack surface

• Why a CAASM solution can benefit businesses launching a CTEM program