The Role of Automation in Attack Surface Management

A Q&A with Allen Rogers, Noetic Cyber and John Masserini, TAG Cyber —Part III

What is the role of automation in attack surface management?

Transitioning to proactive cybersecurity is top-of-mind for most security and risk leaders. However, automation as it applies to attack surface management remains controversial.

Watch as Allen Rogers, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Noetic Cyber and industry expert John Masserini of TAG Cyber share why and how organizations are beginning to shift the conversation and embrace automation.

Watch as they cover:

  • Why organizations are beginning to transition beyond “reactive” security
  • Specific areas security and risk leaders can embrace security automation
  • The importance of mastering asset intelligence as a prerequisite to introducing automation

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Date: Tuesday, March 14
Time: 11:30 AM EST

  • Modern approaches to attack surface management
  • The impact of data science on cybersecurity initiatives
  • Best practices in establishing an attack and exposure management program in your organization