The Rise of CTEM

A Q&A with Paul Ayers, CEO and Co-Founder at Noetic Cyber

The Rise of Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM)

In efforts to combat today’s sophisticated threat landscape, organizations continue to invest heavily in security tools that promise to solve all problems. Yet, the vulnerability backlog continues to grow—and most security operations professionals agree that’s due to the inefficient vulnerability prioritization. If this vicious cycle of threat and vulnerability management continues, the adversary will keep the upper hand.

Fortunately, a progressive solution is on the rise. Introduced by Gartner® as Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM), this cyclical process is designed to help security and risk leaders keep up with the pace of digital velocity.

Watch as Paul Ayers, CEO and Jamie Cowper, VP of Marketing discuss all-things CTEM, including:

  1. What is continuous threat exposure management (CTEM)?
  2. What is driving the transition to CTEM?
  3. Why don’t traditional vulnerability management programs meet the needs of the modern security?
  4. What should security leaders be aware of when considering a modern threat and exposure management program?
  5. How can CISOs justify the return on investing in CTEM? What are the benefits?
  6. Finally, how does Noetic support the process?